About Us

The Australian Sepsis Network is a network of individuals and organisations who are working to improve outcomes for Australian patients with sepsis and to provide information and support to the families and friends of people with sepsis.

The Network is not designed to duplicate the efforts of its member organisations but to provide an avenue through which members can collaborate to better disseminate information about sepsis to healthcare workers and the general community.

Why is the network necessary

Sepsis is a condition that is responsible for or contributes to up to half of all deaths occurring in hospital. Sepsis causes at least 5000 deaths in Australia each year yet few people have heard of sepsis.

Sepsis already causes a significant but unappreciated burden of disease but as the population ages, this burden will increase substantially

Unlike conditions such as heart disease or breast or prostate cancer, sepsis affects people of all ages and patients cared for by almost all hospital doctors. As a result there has, until now, been no group specifically dedicated to reducing the burden of sepsis

Managing the Network

The Network is hosted by The George Institute for Global Health. The George Institute provides the necessary infrastructure as in kind support for the operation of the Network.

The Network is strategically managed by Professor Simon Finfer as the Director and operationally run by Dr Parisa Glass as the Business Manager.