Our Mission

To reduce the Australian burden of disease (death and disability) due to sepsis by:

  • Increasing awareness of sepsis in the general community and by politicians, policy makers and healthcare workers
  • Coordinating a national approach to World Sepsis Day on 13 September
  • In partnership with our collaborating organisations, we will support all state and territory health services, professional societies and colleges, and clinicians by promulgating best practice such as the NSW CEC “Sepsis Kills” program and other local initiatives to tackle sepsis across the entire health care spectrum
  • Working to ensure a high national standard of sepsis awareness, prevention, clinical care, post sepsis care and support through the development and dissemination of comprehensive clinical care standards
  • Developing education resources and building sepsis research capacity

To support patients with sepsis and their families and friends by:

  • Developing a public awareness campaign to ensure that the signs of sepsis become well known in the community so that patients with sepsis seek appropriate treatment without delay
  • Providing information about sepsis and its consequences
  • Providing an avenue for the development of patient/carer led support groups
  • Providing a platform for community engagement