Nurses and patients in a hospital corridor

Survey reveals the common killer most Australians have never heard of

It kills more people than prostate and breast cancer, but six out of ten Australians have never heard of sepsis.

Young mum loses her arms and legs to a killer illness that’s slaying 6,400 Aussie a year

It’s the little recognised disease that cost new mum Korina Valentine two arms, two legs and a nose when a timely dose of antibiotics could have stopped it fast.

Saving patients from sepsis is a race against time

Sepsis is caused by the body’s overwhelming and life-threatening response to an infection and requires rapid intervention. It begins outside of the hospital for nearly 80 percent of patients.

African doctors in a hospital operating on a patient

Reaching 4 Korina

A young NSW mother who lost her limbs to sepsis has joined the global fight to improve sepsis outcomes. Go to her website