Queensland Paediatric Sepsis Peer Mentor Program

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Peer Mentor Program

The Queensland Paediatric Sepsis Program Peer Mentor Program aims to provide families with the unique understanding, encouragement and support which only another parent who has walked a similar path can provide. The program can be offered to any family within Queensland as the support is provided via phone and email.

Peer Mentors are parents and carers who have been referred by a staff member, family at Children’s Health Queensland or self-referred as someone who would like to provide peer support and information on “navigating the journey” of sepsis treatment and medical care or bereavement. Peer Mentors are required to participate in extensive training prior to commencement and continue to be provided with ongoing support and supervision by Peer Mentor Program Leads throughout their time with the program.

Peer Mentors have first-hand experience with:

  • adjusting to a child’s sudden and potentially lengthy hospital admission
  • identifying services and resources that may be helpful during this time, and following discharge
  • caring for the emotional needs of other children in the family
  • understanding grief and adjustment associated with a child’s diagnosis of sepsis and the lifelong impacts
  • returning to everyday activities, including employment
  • communicating with other family members and friends.

If you would like to register to be a Peer Mentor and provide support to other parents and carers, or you are a parent or carer with a child newly diagnosed with sepsis and would like to be linked with a Peer Mentor please click HERE