Remembering those who succumb to sepsis and their families

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Lorraine’s birthday will be punctuated by the passing of her kind, strong and amazing mother Lillian on 7 December 2019. Lillians’s memory is kept alive by her compassionate and devoted daughter who strives to raise sepsis awareness.

Lorraine..” She was an amazing woman and is missed by so many. When you have medical staff cry when told of her loss you know that she left a mark on them for her strength and courage.

After her battle with Sepsis in 2017 she again had kidney in shutdown (lost one in 1962), numerous falls resulting in , fractured  Fibia, 4-5 months later fractured pelvis. Recovered from that then fell and fractured 5 ribs.

Shingles and then Sepsis caught up with her again and she passed away on my birthday on 7th December last year. I took mum to hospital because I knew she was battling again and this time I knew what to look for. When they told me she wouldn’t get to ICU this time I knew things were very serious but I stayed with her till the early hours and she told me not to visit the next day because it was my birthday and I said no way we haven’t missed one yet! When I arrived  at the hospital she thought she should be feeling better. Her mind was so active but her poor battled body just couldn’t recover. We chatted about grandkids and I was able to show her a little video of her great grandchildren wishing me a happy birthday and hoping mum would feel better soon. Less than an hour later she passed holding my hand. My heart shattered into a million pieces. Two very long and struggling years of pain and suffering, in and out of hospital. I am just so glad she lived with me and I was able to spend the time even though it was very hard at times with her”.

To all of those who have lost loved ones to sepsis our love and thoughts are with you, together we will work to reduce sepsis in Australia and improve outcomes for survivors. ASN