Hospital bed

Low awareness in UK

UK report highlights low public awareness of sepsis despite more than 80% of cases arising in the community. Read more

Nurses and patients in a hospital corridor

Sepsis causes or contributes to half of all deaths in hospital

Read more in the Journal of the American Medical Association.



Charlie was the spirit of life, with never ending smiles and giggles and he was the embodiment of absolute joy and happiness in our lives.


Late in 2012 I suffered a life threatening illness that lead to nine days on life support, almost eight months in hospital and multiple surgeries including the amputation of both legs below the knee, my right hand and all of the fingers off my left hand. But I survived and…

Sharon and Michael Sutton

Michael and Sharon

Michael Sutton is an electrical supervisor left devastated by the death of his wife, Sharon, from sepsis in February 2014.