WSC Spotlight

The Global Sepsis Alliance and the World Health Organization have joined forces to host the World Sepsis Congress (WSC) Spotlight: Maternal and Neonatal Sepsis on September 12th, 2017. The WSC Spotlight is a free online congress in which 25 renowned experts from all around the world will give presentations on…

Sepsis training in action

On Friday 11 August, the Australian Sepsis Network (ASN) took part in a sepsis quality improvement workshop at Manly Hospital, led by Dr Matt Morgan, an Intensive Care specialist. Originally from the United Kingdom, Dr Morgan’s work includes a focus on simulation and education to guide improved clinical care.  …

QLD Statewide Paediatric Sepsis Forum

Registration is now open for the Queensland Statewide Paediatric Sepsis Forum, to be held in Brisbane on Monday 21 August. Sepsis is a global threat to children and adults and is a main contributor to global morbidity and mortality. Infants and children are most vulnerable, and have the highest incidence…

Nurses and patients in a hospital corridor

Survey reveals the common killer most Australians have never heard of

It kills more people than prostate and breast cancer, but six out of ten Australians have never heard of sepsis.

Young mum loses her arms and legs to a killer illness that’s slaying 6,400 Aussie a year

It’s the little recognised disease that cost new mum Korina Valentine two arms, two legs and a nose when a timely dose of antibiotics could have stopped it fast.