Signs and Symptoms of Sepsis

Sepsis is treatable if caught early. It can occur as a result of any infection, so it is important to be aware of sepsis symptoms and seek urgent medical help if you have:

  • rapid breathing
  • rapid heart rate
  • confusion, slurred speech or disorientation
  • fever or shivering
  • muscle pain
  • not passing urine
  • discoloured skin

Download Sepsis Fact Sheet: signs and symptoms in adults

Sepsis in Children & Infants

Sepsis can deteriorate more rapidly in young children and infants. Seek urgent medical care if your child has:

  • convulsions or fits
  • rapid breathing
  • discoloured skin, very pale or bluish
  • a rash that doesn’t fade when you press it
  • fever OR very low temperature
  • not passing urine (or no wet nappy) for several hours
  • vomiting repeatedly
  • not feeding

Download Sepsis Factsheet: signs and symptoms in children