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Continulus – digital and on demand sepsis education

Sepsis Australia has partnered with Continulus to provide a dedicated sepsis education digital platform for health professionals to access live, on demand and interactive training resources to improve recognition, awareness, clinical care and post sepsis support for recovery to optimise outcomes and reduce the burden of sepsis.

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Australian Sepsis Network National Symposium

In August 2022 the Australian Sepsis Network National Symposium was held at The George Institute, Sydney.

The objectives of the symposium were:

Objective 1: Sepsis Clinical Care Standard – requirements, implementation resources and examples of best practice
Objective 2: Stopping Sepsis National Action Plan – 5 year strategic objectives

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Agenda and Information Sheet

Main presentation

Session 3 – Sepsis Clinical Care Standard, PowerPoint presentation

Session 6 – Queensland Paediatric Sepsis Program, PowerPoint presentation


BioMérieux’s Medical Education Resource Hub.


In this section, you will find free-access medical education resources designed to bring you relevant, up-to-date and non-promotional medical and scientific content that may contribute to better patient outcomes and improve public health. Watch webinars and tutorials, follow online courses and read educational booklets developed in collaboration with renowned medical and scientific experts to discover and learn more about the critical role of diagnostics in the detection, identification and diagnosis of disease and appropriate patient management.

To access webinars, tutorials and other resources see: bioMerieux Sepsis Education


Australian College of Nursing

Sepsis, a silent killer, is considered a medical emergency. It is the leading treatable cause of mortality globally projected to claim more than 6 million people worldwide (Burrell et al., 2016; Lester et al., 2018).

It is time critical to promptly recognise the warning signs of sepsis and respond appropriately to achieve improved patient outcome.

The aim of this module is to help improve awareness relating to the early recognition and treatment of sepsis, to reduce patient harm and improve safety.

Learning outcomes

On successful completion of this CPD module, you should be able to:

identify the early signs and symptoms of sepsis
initiate timely and appropriate interventions
reflect upon critical thinking and decision making skills in relation to the care and management of the patient with sepsis
demonstrate knowledge of the latest guidelines and principles underpinning a supportive care approach to sepsis.
Prerequisites Nil
Course dates On enrolment at your own pace
Mode of delivery Online
Course duration 4 CPD hours
ACN Member Fee $108.90
Non-member Fee $121.00



Emergency SEPSIS KILLS Program

This module is designed for clinicians working in an Emergency environment. It contains both adult and paediatric case studies that outline how to use the Sepsis Pathways to identify and treat sepsis. Sepsis is a public health problem that needs to be better managed and you can make a difference. A separate module is available for Inpatient.  A certificate is issued on completion.


  • Recognise that sepsis is a medical emergency.
  • Identify the risk factors, signs and symptoms of sepsis.
  • Outline the escalation of the septic patient.
  • Define the initial management actions for sepsis.
  • Discuss the requirements for 48 hour sepsis management.

This course is applicable for all NSW Health Clinical Staff and may qualify for up to 1.0 hrs of Continuous Professional Development.




Paediatric sepsis education resources can be found at:

  • Video – IV Fluid Resuscitation in the septic patient (Jan 2015) NSW – CEC: IV fluids
  • Video – Lactate: How sick is your patient? (Jan 2015) NSW – CEC: Lactate
  • Information – Severe Infection and Sepsis – Information for Families (Sheet) NSW – CEC: Family information
  • Online Training – Paediatric & Adult Sepsis Kills Program (Inpatient) NSW – CEC – HETI: Inpatient sepsis training
  • Online Training – Paediatric & Adult – Sepsis Kills Program (Emergency) NSW – CEC – HETI: Sepsis in ED training


Sepsis 101 for Nurses

Training Module Description – Sepsis a leading cause of death in hospitalised patients. Despite the magnitude of sepsis cases and the global efforts already underway to educate healthcare workers, the need for basic sepsis education still exists. The reason for this is likely multi-factorial, and impacted by both the increasing number of new nurses and by the evolving specialties of existing nurses. Nurses commonly witness the initial changes in a patient’s signs and symptoms which may indicate that an infection is developing into sepsis. Since this condition is difficult to identify, especially in the early stages when treatment is most effective, robust critical thinking skills and practice are necessary. This training module will fill the need for ongoing, readily accessible, accurate education on the fundamentals of sepsis for nursing students, new graduate nurses, nurses desiring a refresher, and nurses changing their specialisation.

Learning Objectives

  • Demonstrate an understanding of Systemic Inflammatory Response Syndrome (SIRS), sepsis/severe sepsis, and septic shock
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the importance of early recognition and treatment for patients with sepsis/severe sepsis and septic shock
  • Review the interventions to treat sepsis/severe sepsis and septic shock
  • Identify actions required by the nurse to facilitate appropriate care for patients with sepsis/severe sepsis and septic shock.


US based online course.