Sepsis Awareness Resources

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See: Sepsis Awareness Toolkit 2021


ASN National Awareness Survey Report July 2020

The first national sepsis awareness survey was conducted by the ASN in 2016. Results of the July 2020 ASN national sepsis awareness survey suggest awareness in the community has improved but still 40% of adults surveyed had not heard of sepsis. To reflect the current COVID-19 public health emergency a question was added to the 2020 survey and interestingly, despite the current pandemic being relatively recent, 17% of respondents acknowledged a link between COVID-19 and sepsis which is increasingly being recognised globally as the key determinant of COVID-19 related mortality. For more information on the the link between COVID-19 and sepsis see: COVID19 and sepsis.

The ASN National Sepsis Awareness Survey 2020 involved a nationally representative cohort of 1006 adults, randomly sampled from 70,000 people. The reported survey results can be accessed at: ASN National Sepsis Awareness Survey Report July 2020


Sepsis Awareness Infographics for your information and use to raise awareness in local activities:


Awareness resources can also be found at:

  • National Australian Sepsis Awareness Toolkit – developed and co-designed by an Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care, Australian Sepsis Network and The George Institute for Global Health collaboration to reduce preventable harm caused by sepsis Sepsis Awareness Toolkit 2021

  • Multimedia – Global Sepsis Alliance GSA Sepsis Information

  • Video – SEPSIS KILLS Awareness NSW – CEC: NSW sepsis awareness

  • Video – A consumer’s perspective of the sepsis program NSW – CEC: Consumers perspective

  • Information – Paediatric (Safety) Program (Online and Sheet) NSW – CEC: Safety program

  • Information – Paediatric Sepsis Family Information (QLD_ – QPSP Information for Families

  • Information – Paediatric Sepsis (Online) QLD – CEQ: Resist sepsis program

  • Information – Paediatric Sepsis (Infographic) QLD – CEQ: Infographic

  • Information – Paediatric Sepsis Mortality (Infographic) QLD – CEQ: Mortality

  • Video – Paediatric Could this be sepsis QLD – CEQ: Could this be sepsis

  • Video – Understanding Sepsis QLD – CEQ: Understand sepsis