Global Critical Care Nursing Education

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Continulus is an online video-learning platform for health professionals working in acute and critical care specialties.

  • We provide fair and flexible access to world-class continuing medical education.
  • We support healthcare learning and delivery in low-income countries.

Access to high-quality learning is often limited by time, funding and geographic location.

  • We film prestigious courses and conferences, making them available to view and annotate online.
  • We deliver a ‘Global Classroom’ of fortnightly webinar lectures from an acclaimed international faculty.

Covering cutting-edge medical thinking, across a wide variety of topics, we bring world-experts directly to you.

We charge a modest fee to health professionals in higher-income countries so that we can:

  • provide free access to health professionals in low-income countries
  • donate a proportion of every course fee to healthcare projects in poorly-resourced areas
  • develop a cutting-edge healthcare-learning platform free from advertisement or company sponsorship

For further information click on Continulus – Critical Care Education on Demand