Remembering Lillian and acknowledging the generosity of Lorraine

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Lorraine’s kind, strong and amazing mother Lillian died from sepsis on 7 December 2019. Lillians’s memory is kept alive by her compassionate and devoted daughter who strives to raise sepsis awareness.




Lorraine “Two years ago my mum Lillian was diagnosed with Sepsis and rushed to Intensive Care where she was quickly hooked up to numerous drips to help her body function, nurses monitoring and adjusting dosages never leaving her room for hours on end  as all her organs were shutting down. She was not expected to survive the night but the doctors did not realise the strength she had and 18 days later she came back home Mum and was lucky to be able to meet her new great grandson and great, great grandson both born a few months later.

Unfortunately the battle with Sepsis was not over and over the following two years Mum endured constant pain and illnesses and sadly passed away on the 7th December last year.

I had no idea what Sepsis is and how catastrophic it can be and the affects it has on patients and their family. It can be triggered by an infected minor cut or scratch or a more serious systemic infection, as with my mum. The body’s response to the infection injures its own tissues and organs. It may lead to shock, multi-organ failure, and death – especially if not recognised early and treated promptly.

Vital funds are needed not only for studies and education but to provide clinical care to patients and I would like to help in a small way.  On the first anniversary of mums death on the 7th December to honour the memory of mum a donation will be made to Australian Sepsis Network from her family and friends”. 

Thank you Lorraine for your resilliance, strength and generosity. To all of those who have lost loved ones to sepsis our love and thoughts are with you, together we will strive to reduce sepsis in Australia and improve outcomes and quality of life for survivors. ASN