Sepsis training in action

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On Friday 11 August, the Australian Sepsis Network (ASN) took part in a sepsis quality improvement workshop at Manly Hospital, led by Dr Matt Morgan, an Intensive Care specialist. Originally from the United Kingdom, Dr Morgan’s work includes a focus on simulation and education to guide improved clinical care.


Staff from Manly and Mona Vale Hospitals were guided through practical discussions and simulation-based learning exercises, to become better equipped at identifying and treating patients with sepsis.

Standardised, evidence-based programs, such as ‘SEPSIS KILLS’ – developed by the Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC), who were also represented at the event – are vital for more efficient and rapid recognition of septic patients, and improved care.


As an intensive care physician, Dr Morgan understands the value of appropriate front-line training, and is passionate about medical education. His work and initiative in quality improvement is one example of the dedication and drive of health professionals working to reduce the burden of sepsis in Australia.