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Sepsis Australia would like to would like to express our sincerest gratitude to GAMA Healthcare Australia for their generous donations and continuous charity work to support the unfunded program of Sepsis Australia. We deeply appreciate GAMA’s commitment to our cause and the impact it will have on the fight against sepsis. In the last 12 months, GAMA Australia have contributed significant funding to Sepsis Australia. Every contribution helps our mission to improve sepsis recognition and clinical care, establish support to foster better outcomes for survivors, and reduce the burden of sepsis in Australia.

Check out the incredible charity work of GAMA below and how they continually think of creative and innovative ways to raise funds for such an important cause.

Thank you GAMA Healthcare, we are so grateful for your ongoing support!

Over the past 12 months, GAMA hosted one event per quarter and along with a Trivia and other challenges.

Photography Competition

GAMA’s phenomenal team in Australia dusted off their camera’s and snapped some amazing photographic masterpieces. There were 3 winners who each won a $100 gift voucher and some of the photos which resulted were simply stunning.


GAMA encouraged their employees to clear out their wardrobes and bring any old clothing, blankets, bedding, etc into the office. These donations were then packed up and delivered to the Salvation Army in Melbourne to distribute to those who may need some extra support this winter.

World Sepsis Day Lunch

GAMA celebrated World Sepsis Day on 13th September 2023, by holding a “Pink Picnic”. The team celebrated by having a picnic lunch outside in the sunshine.

To find out more information about GAMA Healthcare, click here.