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Jessica, shares the story of her son, Ryan, and his journey encountering paediatric sepsis. 

Ryan was happy healthy little boy who just turned one years old, when he started coming down with flu like symptoms in December 2022. His symptoms deteriorated and he became very lethargic and not wanting to walk. We brought him to our local emergency department twice, as his condition worsened he was flown out to our nearest major hospital. On arrival we were told that Ryan was in severe septic shock and unfortunately he went into cardiac arrest. CPR was performed for 10 minutes. We were told our little boy wasn’t going to make it. 

Magically Ryan came back to us and it was confirmed that he had Strep A which had progressed to septic shock.

Ryan had many factors against him collapsed lung, multiple dialysis treatments, vocal cord damage, minor brain damage and unfortunately due to everything Ryan had two major surgeries to amputate both of his lower legs and amputate some fingers and all fingertips.

We have long journey ahead but know we can get through it with all the love support around us.